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Immolife Ticino SA is a limited company under Swiss law (SVIT’s member) based in Maroggia on the shores of the Lake Lugano, Canton Ticino, Switzerland.

The company aims to be a real estate broker in the phases of the sale, purchase and lease of residential, industrial and commercial properties through a specialized network which is present in Switzerland, to find the type of property which is most suitable for the peculiarity of customers, also foreign customers, as quickly as possible.

Immolife aims at a clientele looking for quality and offers a wide range of luxury residences such as for example villas, houses or apartments in Lugano, on the shores of the lake, in the hills or in the wonderful Swiss valleys.

Besides the classical performances of a real estate agency, our company can count on specialized professionals and thus offers a wide range of services which are related to real estate business.

Among the activities falling within the scope of our ordinary skills, there is the support in the fulfillment of all legal procedures which are necessary in the preliminary and final phases of contracts, both of sale and of lease; the organization of specialized technical advice; the resolution of fiscal problems and management accounting.

Contact Immolife for the real estate brokerage or advice. If you are interested in the purchase or in the lease of a house or an apartment, or if you simply need a real estate advice, please fill out the form below.

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Phone: +41 (0)916498888

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