Real Estate Valuation

Immolife Ticino SA is a member of the Swiss Association of Real Estate Appraisers (SIV): a professional certified group of real estate experts.

The current quality requirements in the real estate sector impose a high level of expertise also in the field of real estate appraisals. Immolife offers a highly qualified service in the industry, based on nationally recognized Standard Appraisal Methods (SVS).
The appraisal of a property on the basis of the obsolete system “price expressed per square meter”, does not allow to evaluate all the elements that contribute to the definition of the value of the property and does not take into account the specific characteristics of the property to be assessed.
For the correct determination of the market value it is necessary to take into consideration all the distinctive elements, both quantitative and qualitative, that only an expert can grasp.
Immolife Ticino, in addition to having in-house qualified personnel, actively collaborates with the best professionals of the SIV trade association, known for their ability, independence and experience in the field of real estate valuation.