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Immolife Ticino Knows belongs to the Swiss real estate valuators (SIV association): association of real estate experts.

The requisite of quality are currently followed in the real estate sector that impose elevated specialists with qualifications in the field of real estate that respects the intentions of Immolife that offers a qualified service in the field of the real estate evaluation, on the base of a standard evaluation method recognized national.

The skill of an evaluation of a property is done on the base with a precise system “regarding price – square meters”, it doesn’t allow to appraise all the elements that compete to the definition of the value of the goods and keep in mind the specific characteristics of the immovable property to appraise. For the correct determination of the market value it is necessary to examin various quantitative and qualitative characteristics, that only an expert succeeds to gather.

To know more of it and, if you need to appraise your immovable property, not to hesitate to put you in contact.

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